VeggieGo - A Mobile Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants and Shops

Independent developer Anna-Mariia Udotova announces Be vegan with VeggieGo 1.0, her vegetarian dining app for iOS devices. VeggieGo is a new mobile guide for vegetarian food lovers. All the cafes, restaurants, and shops without animal-derived foods can now be found in one app. User can use the app to find new veggie friends, share photos, and discover places where they haven't been to yet.

"BBy - Milk Sharing" Offers First Marketplace App For Safe Breast Milk

BBy are proud to announce the first marketplace for safe breast milk is now available in San Francisco, to build on previous successful launches in Chicago and New York. The "BBy - Milk Sharing" app is available now for iOS and Android devices. It is the first app to provide a regulated marketplace for breast milk. Parents who are interested in feeding their child natural breast milk, but are unable to produce milk themselves, can access a local, rigorously tested supply through the app.

America's Favorite Puzzle Creator Publishes a New Picture + Word Game

Picture Word puzzles have never been more fun! David L. Hoyt, the most syndicated daily game creator in the world, has a new picture word puzzle game. David makes the Jumble puzzles (in 600 newspapers daily). He makes the USA Today Word Roundup puzzles and the Internet's most popular daily word puzzles. David's new app, Just 2 Words Plus is a brain-stimulating game like no other! Hundreds of handcrafted puzzles. Just 2 Words Plus will delight word puzzle lovers all over the world!

Packing Pro Travel App Adds Emojis for a More Fun, Personal Experience

QuinnScape today announces Packing Pro 12.4, an update to the popular travel app that lets users add emojis to their packing lists. Packing Pro is a mobile travel packing list app for iOS devices that features unlimited, 100% customizable packing lists, an extensive, yet flexible, catalog, handy sample lists, iCloud auto-sync and various list sharing options. With version 12.2's emojis, it's now even easier to keep track of whose things are packed, and in which bag they are (or will be) located.

FileMaker Add-Ons Now 25% Off - SeedCode's Year-End Sale

SeedCode today is now offering 25% off on all products through December 31 as part of their Year-End Sale. Some of SeedCode's most popular products are on sale, including the DayBack Calendar and the routing add-on, ProMaps. SeedCode's year-end sale is a chance for developers to start the new year with templates that will quickly add value for their users. All SeedCode solutions are unlocked so users can not only link them to their own work, but can modify them as needs change.

A Pay It Forward startup triggers a wave of kindness in the US

Chummy startup launches in Seattle with a free social app for kind people providing the simplest way to ask for help and pay it forward. Chummy's mission is as exalted as it is idealistic; to compound those good people together on our social ecosystem and enhance daily beneficial interactions between them. The app's ecosystem of kindness has attracted more than 62,000 users and now is available for iPhone and Android platforms.

Attach Your Own Singing On USPS Christmas Stamps, Using SnapPop for iOS

ConnectAR announces SnapPop 1.1, an important update to its offline-to-online and crowdsourcing tool for iOS devices. Users can snap printed materials that are as small as a stamp, or as big as a billboard, to discover related contents. For 2017 Christmas, SnapPop users can simply scan of any of the four USPS 2017 Xmas stamps, and attach their own rendition of the Christmas songs as a video. Then globally whoever else scanning the same stamp, will discover that song & music video in a snap.

ISS tracker Sat Seeker relaunches as Free App

Indie software developer, Nathan Randle today announces Sat Seeker 2.0.0, an important update to the popular International Space Station tracking app for iPhone and iPad devices. The augmented reality view within Sat Seeker overlays the ISS pass path on the device's camera so that it's easy to find where to look. Sat Seeker helps users by providing a notification reminder shortly before a pass occurs. Version 2.0 relaunches as free app with new pass sharing feature and refreshed user interface.

Math Classroom Challenge 1.12 - manual Math Panels

Barcelona based Titan Deep Space Company today introduces Math Classroom Challenge 1.12 (MCC), an important update to its children's educational game for iOS devices. Designed especially for children aged five to twelve, MCC is an educational and interactive game that generates random math exercises in an safe 3D environment. Version 1.12 adds some new features, the most important being the manual generation of random math dynamic panels.

Artstudio Pro 1.0 for macOS - New Photo Editor - Launched At 40% Off

Lucky Clan today announces Artstudio Pro 1.0 for macOS, the successor to their famous ArtStudio for iOS app. Completely redesigned, Artstudio Pro brings many new features & improvements, taking full advantage of the latest technologies like Metal, iCloud Drive, and so much more. The app has been also optimized for 64-bit multi-core processors to achieve the smoothest possible workflow. Hundreds of assets are included and users have the ability to import resources in the most popular formats.

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