FontAgent Server Bondi Adds Sharable Tags, Nested Sets and User Controls

San Jose, California - Silicon Valley-based Insider Software has announced the availability of the Bondi Release of FontAgent Server. The release adds more organization, configurability, control and consistency to the world's only object-based font server and the most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking fonts.

Server-Based, Sharable Tags - The Bondi Release includes an all-new tag manager that enables admins to:
* Create and manage a centralized database of server-based tags
* Assign tags to fonts to associate them by topic, use, client, project, vendor, department, publication, etc.
* Distribute those tags with their associated fonts as they are assigned to users and groups
* Enable font admins to easily add and maintain tags
* Allow users to create client-side tags for their personal use

Nested Sets:
The new sets manager in the Bondi Release allows users to define nested subsets of fonts on FontAgent connected clients and upload them to the server for sharing with other users. These subsets can be used to organize fonts into subcategories--such as project subsets within a client set, or font styles within a font foundry. By using nested sets and tagging, design managers and administrators can deliver more clarity, consistency and productivity to all their users.

Client Configuration and Control:
To make it easier to control Mac and Windows client functionality from the server, the Bondi Release allows design and IT managers to tighten controls on connected clients by:

* Restricting users from importing fonts locally
* Stopping users from exporting fonts to their local disks
* Prohibiting changes to system font folders
* Showing or hiding system fonts on user machines
* Enabling Kerberos for user authentication
* Specifying how often clients sync with the server

In addition, the Bondi release expands group administration capabilities so admins can add users, sets and fonts to all the members of groups in which the admins are members.

The Bondi release also includes administrative improvements:
* Expanded directory integration via Microsoft Azure
* New server manager that installs, launches and updates the FontAgent Server application
* Performance and stability improvements

Enhanced Object-Based FontFlex Architecture:
The new release expands the functionality of FontFlex, the industry's only object-based font-server architecture. FontFlex architecture now includes subsets and tags that now interact as peer with the users, groups, fonts, sets, directories and font licenses that are already foundational objects in FontAgent Server.

Why is the New Release Called "Bondi?"
The new release is the first FontAgent Server to carry a name--in this case, "Bondi"--named for the famous stretch of sand in Australia. The Bondi Release supports connections from FontAgent 8.x and 9.x Connected Clients for Mac and Windows. To make the most of all the new features, users should run the latest client release.

Requirements and Availability:
The Bondi Release is already being used by FontAgent CloudServer customers as part of their subscription service. The server software also runs on-premises in Enterprise and TeamServer installations on Windows, Mac and Linux servers. Both the cloud and on-premises versions of the server support integration with enterprise directory services compatible with Active and Open Directory.

For More Information or Upgrades:
For on-premises server customers with current maintenance agreements, the Bondi upgrade is available at no charge. Customers wanting more product, pricing, upgrade and availability information can visit Insider Software or contact Leith Speights.

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