Miximum developer releases powerful Apple Music statistics app PlayTally

Toronto, Ontario - Independent developer Mike Clay announced today the release of PlayTally, a new app that lets users easily see the music they love most. It is his second Apple Music "expansion pack", following popular smart playlist generator Miximum.

Unlike competitive apps that simply display library information, PlayTally creates its own time-stamped playback records (similar to a last.fm scrobble) using the background tasks API introduced in iOS 13. Users can view their listening history, focus on specific dates, see recent activity for songs or artists, and create playlists.

As more playback data is collected, PlayTally analyzes it to create dynamic playlists of the users top songs, much like Apple's Replay playlist. Unlike Replay however, which consists of the users top songs year-to-date, PlayTally's trending lists can be calculated for any date range, allowing users to see their top songs of the summer, past week or all time. These lists are also calculated dynamically, so there is no waiting for weekly updates from Apple.

Developer Mike Clay says an early beta tester summed it up best. "They asked me, 'so is this basically like an integrated last.fm for my Apple Music?' And that's exactly what it's like. I wanted to provide that sort of tracking without having to have an account and share that with a company. With PlayTally, the user's data never leaves their personal device and/or iCloud storage."

The app also adds a bit of fun with listening awards heavily inspired by Apple Watch fitness challenges. As users continue to use Apple Music they unlock badges for number of songs and time listened, adding and loving songs in their library, or by listening on specific dates. There's also a daily listening "personal best" to try to beat. PlayTally is now available worldwide. It is free for limited time.

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