DesignMerge Now Available for InDesign 2021

Schaumburg, Illinois - Meadows Publishing Solutions announced the release of their DesignMerge Pro variable data publishing and personalized printing software for Adobe InDesign 2021, supporting both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The software release includes several new and powerful features.

DesignMerge Pro is an advanced, professional variable data publishing and personalized printing software solution for Adobe InDesign users. In addition to standard VDP capability, such as the ability to personalize text and images, DesignMerge Pro software also includes many other sophisticated VDP features, such as conditional logic for if/then/else rules processing, automatic copy-fitting to remedy overset variable text, linear and 2D bar coding, multi-up imposition, and embedded style tags. The software is completely menu-driven, works directly inside of the Adobe InDesign page layout application, and does not require any manual programming.

New features in the 2021 release of DesignMerge Pro include the following:

* Custom and Filtered Record Range Support:
The new free-style record range feature allows processing of discontinuous data records, and also allows records to be filtered based on criteria established by the user. This new feature works well for filtering a set of proof records from larger data files.

* Label and Cutter Imposition Features:
DesignMerge now includes a brand new imposition mode that will automatically split data across multiple rows or columns on a sheet. This new feature is perfect for use with label printers and cutters.

* Specify Number of Copies per Record or Page:
With one click, you may now print multiple copies of each variable piece based on a data field. This feature works well for applications such as business cards and store signage that require multiple printed copies.

* HTTP Support for Variable Images:
The HTTP module provides support for variable pictures and other assets that can be referenced via a URL reference. Images can be stored on any server or storage location accessible via HTTP, and every image format supported by Adobe InDesign can be referenced in this same fashion.

* Additional Image Positioning Options:
New options have been added for adjusting both vertical and horizontal positioning of variable pictures after they have been sized to fit the frame. These new features are ideal for signatures and other variable width images.

"After more than 8 months of development, we are very proud of this new release," said John Kriho, President of Meadows. "DesignMerge software now includes several of the most requested features related to record processing, and the new Label and Cutter imposition modes further expand the range of possible applications for the software."

DesignMerge Pro software is available for immediate download at the Meadows web site. Please visit Meadows Publishing Solutions for more information, or email support for pricing or upgrade details.

Meadows Publishing Solutions
DesignMerge Pro

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