WriteUp for iOS - Journal app goes free for challenging times

Melbourne, Australia - Field36 today is pleased to announce the release of WriteUp 1.1.0, an update to their timely guided daily journal developed exclusively for iPhone. With this update the app will go free and release a new prompt everyday for a month to help people journal for their mental wellness in these challenging times.

WriteUp app reimagines how busy people journal to gain clarity in a few minutes a day, like meditation apps made it easier to find calm quickly. A great companion for starting a new year during these changing times. More clarity, improved mood and better sleep are the science backed benefits of regular journaling.

WriteUp addresses every barrier that keeps people from building a healthy journaling habit. Instead of scrolling social feeds, WriteUp wants to make it just as easy to use those times to jot down a few ideas and moments. Users of the app have been surprised how such a little habit makes them feel so much better.

WriteUp uses four steps to help people get clarity in a few minutes a day:
1. Make it easy - Kickstart your thoughts with hundreds of prompts on a variety of themes.
2. Set reminders to fit in with your life - Gain insights, a few minutes at a time.
3. Just 5 minutes - Set up a 5 minute journal in the app. QuickWrite straight from reminders.
4. Level up - Pick guides based on what you’re interested in. Be inspired by the series of prompts in each guide. Refresh your perspective.

With the update, Field36 has included a new prompt everyday until the end of March and the app is going free for the same period. WriteUp will also be sharing the daily prompts via Twitter and Instagram.

Field36 is based in Melbourne - the city that had one of the longest, strictest pandemic lockdowns. “At first the lockdown was novel, but that wears off pretty quick. It’s a lot of time to think and how you use that time really matters,” explained Adriaan Stellingwerff, founder of Field 36. "After hearing of my family and friends going into lockdown, I decided to make WriteUp free and release a new prompt every day for the next 30 days. Research has proven journaling to provide more clarity, better mood and better sleep, these are all things that are needed living through a lockdown."

WriteUp helps people:
* Explore your ideas
* Gratitude journaling, de-stressing and mindfulness
* Regular reviews: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.
* Check-ins when you need a moment
* Figuring out your personal and professional direction
* Exercising your creativity with writing prompts
* Getting your life story down, bit by bit, and remembering great moments
* Gaining insight from your past

Key Features of WriteUp:
* Prompts: hundreds of prompts from themed guides on work, gratitude, dealing with stress, building resilience, and more
* Quick prompt guides based on the time of day. Guides are a series of prompts to help you look at things from different perspectives
* Favorite prompts
* Add your own prompts
* You can also easily free write without a prompt by swiping right on the home screen
* Writing goals: Journaling doesn’t have to take long! Set a timer to make a 5 minute journal, or aim for shorter or longer times; Alternatively, set a word count goal from 100 to 750 words
* Reminders: Set reminders for different days and times; QuickWrite straight from the reminder if you’re pressed for time, with no need to open the app; Snooze a reminder for an hour if you’re in the middle of something else
* Insights: Read past entries by tag or by date, or search by keyword. Use stats to find when you write the most
* Sentiment analysis: to find out when your writing is more positive or negative, WriteUp uses Apple’s new sentiment analysis feature. It’s been implemented to ensure privacy (all analysis is done on your device). As this is an experimental feature of iOS 13+, users can opt-in or decide not to use sentiment analysis; Users see an aggregate summary of how often their writing is more positive or negative
* Dark mode: A soothing color scheme for writing late at night or early in the morning (iOS 13+ only)
* Privacy: Your journal is stored on your device only, and it can be locked with FaceID, TouchID or a passcode
* Backup and export: Back up your journal to Dropbox, or export it as a PDF file at any time for free

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 12.0 or later
* 57.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
WriteUp is available as a free download on the App Store for users to try, with monthly and annual subscriptions providing access to all prompts and guides, as well as unlocking premium features. From now until the end of March, all subscriptions are free for the first 2 months. It is located in the Health & Fitness category.

WriteUp 1.1.0
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