HoudahSpot 6.1 - Versatile File and Email Search Tool for Mac

Luxembourg - Houdah Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of HoudahSpot 6.1 for macOS. HoudahSpot is a file search tool that helps Mac users organize files and finds these if they did not. HoudahSpot combines fast and precise file search with a customizable results display and previews. It makes it easy to find the document, email message, photo, or video file you need.

HoudahSpot is a productivity tool that serves as the hub of many workflows: in HoudahSpot, all the files related to the task at hand come together. It is also the starting point for deep dive searches to fetch further information from archives. A customizable interface makes HoudahSpot equally adept at presenting mail messages, documents, or media files. Search templates provide starting points for specialized searches. E.g., a search for video files.

HoudahSpot is a powerful, versatile, and highly customizable file search tool for Mac. It uses the existing Spotlight index for ultra-fast file searches. The purpose of HoudahSpot is to provide quick access to all kinds of files. HoudahSpot supports full-text search, a multitude of precise search criteria, as well as regular expression filters. With these tools, it is a breeze to refine searches and hunt down an elusive document iteratively.

HoudahSpot is the go-to tool for Mac users who need to find a precise document, mail message, photo, video, artwork, etc., in a "haystack" of files. HoudahSpot makes it easy to combine multiple criteria (such as name, text content, kind, and a wide assortment of other metadata) and thus helps users find the files they need:

* Mails messages with attachments received this year
* Word processing files containing the word "invoice" or "estimate"
* Image files named "logo" or "icon" that are more than 512 pixels wide
* Files created, modified, or opened within the last 7 days

What's New in HoudahSpot 6.1:
HoudahSpot 6.1 can draw from 15 years of customer feedback. "The recent HoudahSpot 6.0 release has been extremely popular. As such, it has also generated much feedback from customers: praise and feature requests," says Pierre Bernard of Houdah Software. "Version 6.1 distills much of this feedback into a series of refinements both small and large."

* HoudahSpot can now find Apple Mail messages tagged by SmallCubed's MailTags plug-in; HoudahSpot searches message keywords and project names
* HoudahSpot 6.1 brings enhanced Quick Look previews for files hosted by the document and information management solution DEVONthink.
* The Quick Look preview pane in HoudahSpot now lets users select text; It is thus possible to copy-paste from search results without the need to open the found files
*HoudahSpot 6.1 dramatically improves the performance of Apple Mail message searches
* The Tag cloud introduced in HoudahSpot 6.0 can now be hidden when not in use
* "Text Preview" can now be set to use a fixed-width font. This configuration improves the legibility of texts like source code and tabulated data
* The window toolbar offers more space where to grab and move the HoudahSpot search window
* Fixes a bug where "Find by Example" failed to pick up file properties
* Works around a macOS Catalina bug where toolbar items may disappear when working with tabs

Feature Highlights:
* Quick search field: start a search by typing just a few words
* Multi-criteria file search: Find files by name, text, content kind, author, recipient, image dimensions, and more
* Easy-to-use criteria editor: Combine search criteria to narrow down search results to the exact files you need
* Smart location selection: Search multiple folders at once, and exclude others
* Tag cloud: Lists file tags found in current search results. Provides a quick way to narrow down results (new)
* Customizable results display: View search results as a list or grid. Add columns. Sort. Arrange in groups
* Concise file info: See properties relevant to the selected file type
* Preview of file content: Peek inside files. See text matches in context
* Saved searches and templates: Use as starting points for recurring searches
* Snippets: Save sets of frequently used search criteria
* Filter by folder. See top-level files only. Combine multiple filters (new)
* Fully customizable. Set the default search window to match your preferences and workflow
* Continued search: Open files and, where the application supports it, continue searching for text matches by pressing command-G (Find Next)
* Integrates with Finder and third-party tools like Default Folder X, PopClip, ForkLift, Path Finder, Alfred, LaunchBar, and Butler

Customer Voices:
"If there is one utility that is indispensable for me on the Mac, HoudahSpot is it (locates files on disk)." - @helgeg via Twitter

"I love HoudahSpot - way, way better than Spotlight as a search app for @Apple Mac computer." - @sinabhfuil via Twitter

"HoudahSpot may be the most helpful application I own." - H. E. Jr., Edmond, OK

"There's nothing else like it [HoudahSpot] for Mac users by a long margin." - Adrain Stevenson

Language Support:
* HoudahSpot is offered in English, German, and French language versions

Minimum System Requirements:
* macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer
* Optimized for macOS 11 Big Sur on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs
* Spotlight enabled
* 35 MB of disk space

Pricing and Availability:
HoudahSpot 6.1 is priced at $34 (USD) for a single-user license. A family license is available for $42. Upgrades are priced at $19 and $29, respectively. HoudahSpot licenses purchased on or after June 1, 2020, upgrade for free. A full-featured trial version is available. Licenses can be purchased from the Houdah Software store. Upgrades are available upon loading a previous license. HoudahSpot is also available onSetapp - a subscription service for Mac and iOS apps.

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