Lifeboat - Deploy Xojo Web Apps Anywhere! Redirects, www, and Ubuntu 21

Rochester, New York - Tim Parnell is pleased to announce new features for Lifeboat, the server management software! Lifeboat was created to help anyone that wants to write a web app deploy a web app. This latest version configures redirects, handles www. prefixes automatically, and introduces Ubuntu 21.04 support.

Lifeboat makes it simple to deploy and manage Xojo Web applications on any Linux server. Automate configuration and let Lifeboat juggle port assignments, system services, and reverse proxy software for running a web app server. Lifeboat is designed to deploy both Xojo Web 1.0 and Xojo Web 2.0 standalone applications.

Just added, Lifeboat now enables developers to configure a www. prefix for domains with one click. The new Redirects feature implements HTTP redirects to point visitors from one address to another at the nginx level.

Lifeboat has been updated to work with the latest Ubuntu 21.04. Lifeboat can connect to and manage servers running modern versions of CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

In addition to the Xojo Web specific tools, Lifeboat offers features to manage static websites. Install and configure SSL in one (or two) click(s) for free with LetsEncrypt integration. Serve static HTML or PHP files to offer visitors a traditional website experience.

Download and evaluate Lifeboat for free. For evaluation Lifeboat will configure one server, one web application, and one static files directory. A license is required to unlock these limits.

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