Makers behind Kaleidoscope revitalize Versions, the best Mac SVN Client

Millstatt, Carinthia - Letter Opener GmbH launches Versions(2), the latest version of its award-winning Subversion client for macOS. Versions is an app focused entirely on bringing simplicity and ease of use to the task of version control with Subversion. This intense focus allows it to deliver great productivity. The upgrade represents the first bold user interface refresh in 10 years. From a new app icon, a revamped toolbar to support the gorgeous Dark Appearance, and native support for the latest M1-based Macs, Versions(2) fully embraces macOS Big Sur.

"We are investing in the future of Versions after we acquired it in January 2021. Bringing new polish to this Apple Design Award-winning app, which once was highly regarded within the Mac community," says Christopher Atlan, Founder of Letter Opener GmbH.

When collaborating on documents, sharing a folder on a cloud-based storage system is a convenient way to keep everyone's copies of those documents updated automatically. But nothing prevents two people from changing a document at the same time. Version control systems like Subversion are made to manage changes to documents and folders over time.

"When I do need to interact with Subversion, Versions is an absolute joy to use. It doesn't get in the way, and it just lets me get the job done vastly more efficiently," adds Dr. Greg Mulhauser, a long-time customer.

While large parts of the software development community have adopted more feature-packed distributed systems like Git or Mercurial in recent years, there are distinct advantages to using Subversion, mainly when working with large files and when there is a need for a simple central server solution. Subversion is the preferred solution for designers, researchers, or writers, stripping down the complexity of distributed systems like Git to a workflow that is much easier to grasp.

"Version control can mean the difference between days of lost work or just minutes lost when something goes awry with your documents.", says Florian Albrecht of Letter Opener GmbH.

With Versions, revision control is no longer just for developers:
* For Editors: Experiment! Change the first person to third? Change the point of view? Track changes in any document, from anyone, at any time.
* For Designers: Easily revert to previous versions of artwork and keep a complete history of your work.
* For Managers: Keep tabs on the progress of all projects and easily integrate with ticketing systems.

These are some of the specific features Versions(2) offers:

Working Copy View:
* New: Inline buttons offering the most frequent actions, right there when you need them
* Support for common Subversion commands
* Single-click to compare local changes
* Compare any two revisions of a file
* Show all files and folders, or changes only
* Revert to a specific revision
* View or ignore remote updates
* Lock and unlock directly from the browser
* Set properties like svn:ignore and others

* Clear overview of all revisions by date
* With author names and lists of changed items
* Automatically link tickets to your issue tracker
* Click any changed file to see a comparison
* View as many revisions as you like

Repository View:
* Browse and manipulate repositories without checking them out
* Drag & drop folders within a repository
* To move or copy them
* Drag in a file or folder from the Finder to import it, drag it out to export it
* Easily set file and folder properties
* Browse any previous revision
* Checkout and export from any revision
* Double-click any file to open a copy

* Organize your projects the way you like
* Easily add existing repositories and working copies
* Configure links to issue tracking systems
* Create new local repositories
* Drag & Drop of bookmarks

Pricing and Availability:
Versions(2) is available now, it retails for 119.00 USD, with upgrades for existing Versions customers for 59.00 USD. It requires macOS 10.15 or later. macOS 11 Big Sur or later is strongly recommended.

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Based in Millstatt, Austria, Letter Opener GmbH has 14 years of history of actively developing and maintaining its email files converter Letter Opener for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Chrome. In late 2020 Letter Opener GmbH acquired Kaleidoscope, the most powerful file comparison app for macOS. January 2021 Letter Opener GmbH acquired Versions, the best way to work with Subversion on the Mac. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2021 Letter Opener GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and macOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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