Energy Industry Infographics Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Released

Odessa, Ukraine - CS Odessa is pleased to announce a new easy-to-use Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. This new Energy Industry Infographics addition to ConceptDraw includes collections of samples and vector libraries that support many ways to professionally create graphics for the energy industry.

The Energy Industry Infographics solution contains 9 libraries that include design elements used to design infographics, illustrations, presentations, and diagrams. Solution libraries contain a wide variety of energy industry symbols and icons for the electrical power industry, nuclear power industry, fossil fuel industry, and renewable energy industry. It also contains the collection of sample drawings for quick start drawing nuclear fuel cycle and energy distribution schematics, electrical substation diagram, energy intelligence dashboard, electricity grid schematics, and more.

The eye-catching and clear infographics can deliver any kind of business information, be it technical processes, or statistics in an accessible, understandable, and even enthralling way. Energy Industry Infographics solution is the ideal environment for creating industry graphics of all kinds.

The new addition to ConceptDraw Solutions is a paid item ($25 USD) for current users of the latest ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v14 app. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is well-known for its ability to exchange documents with Microsoft Visio. It can open and save files that can be used by Visio (VSD, VDX, and VSDX documents) users. It retails for $199 (USD) per end user license.

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Energy Industry Infographics Solution
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