Media Sync Tool will change pro video editing forever

Kyiv, Ukraine - Independent developer, Vitalii Vashchenko is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Media Sync Tool, his revolutionary syncing tool for Apple Final Cut Pro. Media Sync Tool is the most essential tool for professional video editing in Final Cut Pro. Now all video editors can fully eliminate the time-consuming routine of manually syncing dailies by using Media Sync Tool in a bundle with Final Cut Pro.

"No professional video editing process can begin without syncing the source media: audio must be synced with video; multi-camera clips must be synced together into Multicam clips. This task has always required permanent human involvement and took hours or even days," explained Vitalii Vashchenko, developer. "Media Sync Tool will save a lot of time and money not only for production companies but for regular video editors. What took days of manual routine, is now done automatically in a blink of an eye. And it's never been easier: just drag and drop the media clips into the Media Sync Tool window, and it will be synced in an instant."

By utilizing jam-synced SPTE timecode and metadata from the source media, Media Sync Tool automates the sync process to the point where almost no human involvement is required and automatically deals with overlapped timecode. For the first time, video editors can sync any number of media at once. Even if that is the shooting days for an entire season of a TV show, in a couple of seconds it will be ready for editing.

To achieve unprecedented automation and user convenience, Media Sync Tool automatically detects the most common metadata issues and provides semi-automatic workarounds. Just a few clicks and Media Sync Tool can resolve almost any metadata issue of syncing media. This also allows syncing of even transcoded or proxy media.

Media Sync Tool is a perfect pair for Apple Final Cut Pro. It comes with an extension that embeds directly into the Final Cut Pro user interface, so video editors can sync media without ever leaving the NLE.

System Requirements:
* Final Cut Pro
* macOS 10.13.2 or later
* 12 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Media Sync Tool 1.0.1 is offered as a subscription-based app with a 1-week free trial. It is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Photo & Video category. Professional video editing in Apple Final Cut Pro is about to change forever. Please, see it in action: Media Sync Tool Demo Video. For more information, please contact Vitalii Vashchenko.

Media Sync Tool 1.0.1
Download from the Mac App Store
YouTube Video (Demo)

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