Clapenjoy SRL. announces Toddler Learning Games

Bucharest, Romania - Clapenjoy SRL. today is proud to announce the release of Toddler Games 3.20.1, an important update to the company's educational preschool app for 2 year olds. Toddler Games helps kids discover the amazing activities they can do in nature. To ensure that the educational content is suitable for kids, Clapenjoy has worked side-by-side with kindergarten teachers in implementing the basic concepts that kids learn in preschool and kindergarten. Version 3.20.1 offers minor metadata improvements.

Learning games for kids help them explore the natural world, an early science kids app especially designed for Ages 2 to 5. Play and learn with free preschool and kindergarten interactive games, puzzles, memory and colouring pages. Toddler games kids 3 year olds is an educational app for preschool kids with big imagination. In a 100% safe and ad-free environment, your preschooler will discover all the fun activities he can do in nature. Ideal for kids 2-5 years in age, it is an amazing learning game to raise awareness about the environment in preschool and kindergarten.

"One of the best educational apps for preschoolers. Thanks for a smart app!" - MomBlogSociety

Preschool Educational Games, Puzzles & Memory Games and Coloring Games:
* Prepare for the winter holidays and decorate your Christmas tree
* Have fun and discover how the weather changes in winter and spring
* Learn about plants by growing your own veggies
* Grow fruits and learn about pollination
* Learn to care for baby birds
* Tap and discover butterflies
* Develop creativity with 20 colouring pages
* Improve cognitive skills with puzzles and memory games
* Learn over 150 words about nature

Key Features:
* Ad Free and easy navigation for preschool Kids 5 and Under to play on their own
* Preschoolers will understand where their fresh produce comes from, will learn about responsibility by caring for trees and baby birds
* Learning games and puzzles designed to help preschool kids develop motor coordination, memory, and preschool skills
* Delightful animations for bees, birds, caterpillar to learn and play more
* Coloring pages to have more fun
* Never play the same game again

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS/iPadOS 8.0 or later
* Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip
* 332.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Toddler Games 3.20.1 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. For more information, please contact Livia Lupei.

Toddler Games 3.20.1
Download from the App Store

The Clapenjoy team values kids education. As parents they put first the education of their kids but never forget to have fun. As a family who values education and having a good time, they wanted to make sure that their children are able to enjoy mobile and tablet technology in an enriching and educational way without taking away the fun gameplay elements that youngsters find so appealing. They are small team, very passionate about creating educational applications for children using their parenting and professional expertise, as educators, developers and artists. All Material and Software Copyright (C) 2021 Clapenjoy SRL. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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